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  1. Doing Things My Way Can Suck....

    So I've recently gotten back into route building. And with that I said "fudge it" and have restarted my DEM version of the CSX Saginaw sub. One reason being is that I wanted to do the WHOLE line now, not just a 60 mile portion of it. But also I have learned some new things, and I wanted a bigger better DEM. Hence why I didn't just add on to the old one. (There are many places on the old one where you could see the edge of the world from in the cab and i dont like that.)

    One ...
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  3. What I Learned in Trainz Today... (5/22/17)

    So I'm a little late in the game here. I've had digholes, walls, and the JS Texture Splines floating around in my Trainz menus for months, if not years, but I didn't ever expect to actually *use* them. So...

    What I learned in Trainz today is how to create some pretty neat retainers (or concrete cliffs, whatever you choose to call them) and that I can place objects on top of them to create pretty nifty scenes.

    You start with flat land, like a new baseboard, and create a ...
  4. Trainz Premium Routes

    Czech Ds and special use cars now available !

    For more details,please enter http://trainzpremiumroutes.weebly.com

  5. Hornos altos

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