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    August 29, 2016. Today the last ziggurat is smoothed and the landscape rolls gently (or otherwise) from Iron Ridge to Fond Du Lac.

    There are only about 2-1/2 miles of scenery to install, from MP 137 down to 134 or so. Happily much of it is farmland although the village of Neda needs to be filled out.
    The great end-of-world gap SW of Jones' siding (Limestone Country) has been filled with yet another drumlin, a lake and a dam, per prototype. It's very satisfactory. ...
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  2. tane and replace track

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    it wont let me do that should not have got it. as I paid for it I should edit it and make it mine
  3. Route Romania

    Soon, Route Romania will be updated with at least 15 sessions. Exclusive rolling stock will be included.
    Update will be available for free for everyone who already purchased the route.
    Visit http://trainzpremiumroutes.weebly.co...re-routes.html

  4. Trainz Premium Routes

    České Dráhy AB/AB349 cars are now available !

  5. Industry time

    Been a while since I wrote in the blog, have been busy with other things and also playing War in the East instead of choo-choos. Well the track is finally as it should be, for now, but I am sure I will find an error or two down the road. Creating wyes are a bit of a problem, it is hard to get both curves equal and smooth, mine are close but not perfect.

    But now I am to the point of adding industries, particularly Brier Park which is a mass of small and medium industry, and a couple ...

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    Building the Medicine Hat route
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