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  1. Questioning whether to continue or not.

    Hello all. It's been a long time.

    With all the crap that has been happening on the forums recently I've basically given up here. There hasn't been a lot of support and enthusiasm for my projects so they've more or less gone to vaporware. I might go back and work on them once in a while but I doubt that they'll ever be released to the public. A lot of my friends that I'm in regular contact with have left the forums already so that's another reason not to stay.

  2. The Augsburg & Concord Railroad - Going back to TS 2010

    The Augsburg & Concord will not be moving to TS 2012 after all. Unfortunately, the program crashes almost ever time I try to make changes to the route. The more I dig into the issue, the more I am convinced that my laptop simply doesnít have enough power to run the program.

    The decision is that I will continue to develop the route in TS2010. I also decided that given the trouble the AI trains have with single track, Iím working on making the route double tracked.
  3. Thomas Mstnoodle Problems

    Hey guys. I am unable to fix most of Mstnoodle's models. The error is (Unable to load mesh file) I know captainkman showed a tutorial but it won't do for some odd reason. I'm using Trainz 12 can anyone help me? Please? The only ones that don't have errors are bill Thomas boco and the trucks (except truck 2)
  4. trainz nycta worktrains

    I am currently creating nycta work trainz in sketch up and im looking for a "team" to possibly help with this project. if you have any experience in sketch-up and nyct content, please email or private message me.
    email: wconcepcionquinlan@gmail.com
    any experience in resking sketch-up models is a plus
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  5. Anyone one interested in joining a multiplayer session today?

    if any one is interested in doing a multiplayer today or any day you can talk to me on trainz ichat or comment to this. the route is the mojave subdivision and the session is across the mojave sub- n5vav.
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