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  1. Quebec, North Shore & Labrador is what awvr is based on

    http://s3.amazonaws.com/rrpa_photos/51044/IMG_652 is awvr 767 and this http://www.canadianexpressline.com/s.../HIG-L-196.jpg is Quebec, North Shore & Labrador 404 a c44-9w there are some differences mostly different loco's but the paint is almost exactly alike
  2. hijacked a wip mini movie

    (spoilers) i am working on a mini movie it will be pixel animated it takes place in canada using 2 via rail trains one atsf train that almost gets hit by the hijacked train now with bullet holes in the side avoiding the fuel tank cops shoot at the train at multiple crossings and then at the end a massive derailment happens when 2 via rail trains crash
  3. Fond Du Lac v. 9 released

    Aaaand, to my great embarassment, must be replaced by :9, because I broke the E. 11th St. fixing it. The correctioon has been uploaded and perhaps will beat the bad version getting to you, we can hope.

    The Basic Session has been updated too, and the Free Session has been added to the list of mods. Both should be available on the DLS shortly.


  4. The Trainz Chat Needs More Mods

    Who here feels that the in game Trainz chat is in need of a over hull, I quit using it because of the horrible amount of swearing and gross beholder that is going on on a daily bases and I'm sick and tired of it. To name a few things we got users in there swearing at each other talking booger and being down right rude that's gotten so bad something needs to be done asap!
    ppl use the chat for non trainz topics, bullying each other and use of swearing daily the list goes on.

    Mods: ...

    Updated July 18th, 2017 at 03:11 PM by VIA6415

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    Today uploaded FDL12 Fond Du Lac Branch rev. 8, along with updated sessions:
    Basic Session
    Morning Connection
    The Mayville Turn
    Monday Commuter
    Saturday AM & PM Patrols
    Tuesday AM Patrol
    Tuesday: The FDL Turn

    and with new sessions

    Wednesday 2nd Trick Yard Job
    Wednesday AM Patrol I & II
    Wednesday PM Patrol.

    Also put the MILW SW7 #623 Cold on Dropbox, since it's in 1.5 and can't be uploaded
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