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  1. Trainz Railway Simulator

    I'm curious, most things will run on my system different versions of Trainz simulator 2006 edition are very hit and miss ,
    Im running windows 7 32 bit , Graphics is Nvidia 9500GTX (2GB )
    4 GB on board Memory to a 1 TB hard drive .

    I checked the spec windows XP / Vista tried running as these , I get fatal error warning . Not the usual blue screen oddly enough
    where is the problem ??

    Discovered today the hard way that the FDL12 turntable stub tracks got bollixed in the port from 2009. Three of the four were unusable and were replaced manually with the AJS Turntable Stub. I'd like to know if you have the same issue.

    On a lighter note, testing the Saturday AM yard job, told Geoff "Navigate to Trackmark BRSV Main East." He proceeded to back down from the yard office into 1 West, threw the SOO east gate and drove via the SOO and the Land O' Lakes interchange. ...
  3. FDL Fond Du Lac Branch Complete!

    Quote Originally Posted by RHKluckhohn View Post
    Further investigation: That consist is not even for the Fond Du Lac route - it's for my port of TUME's Avery-Drexel route from 10. So don't bother downloading it. So a route kuid table includes ALL an author's saved consists, pertinent or not. How weird.

    -- SAFETY FIRST --

  4. FDL Fond Du Lac Branch Complete!

    Quote Originally Posted by gremlin1812 View Post
    G'day Bob, I have <kuid:373500:100029> missing from the route, is this the "route is flagged for a missing dependency, no worries, it will still work fine" asset you are talking about?

    EDIT:- I got rid of the missing asset and went for a run, nice route and runs quite well. I did find a road crossing where the cars did not stop but otherwise seems all is OK.
  5. FDL12 Fond Du Lac Enhanced(?)

    Quote Originally Posted by RHKluckhohn View Post
    A slightly-improved update of the route is on the Download Station, ver :3.
    NOTE that :1 is NOT obsoleted so that 2009 drivers can continue to fetch it, but you should be using this latest, complete version. It will auto-update :2.

    FDL12 Saturday AM Patrol has been uploaded (twice) in the last couple of days. Ignore :2, it was premature. Hopefully today's :3 has resolved the issues. Sorry about that...

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