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  1. assistance

    looking for member broadwater who resides in UK

    can u contact me on jw475271@bigpond.com re your english winter expanded want to modify it with your permission

    yours aye
  2. Some Trainz not opening when I download them in railyard

    Evening folks, I am having a bit of trouble this evening downloading content on trainz 2004! I have just downloaded Br class 20s , 33s , 40s and a class 52 and they work fine but for some reason when I tried to download any class 37 , 47 and class 153 I cannot drive them. I can see the image and name in railyard but it wont let me click to get a bigger image or to get the sound of the horn. Anybody else have this problem and get it sorted or anybody know what to do. Help would be greatly appreciated! ...
  3. A Day In Surveyor - Blog Series Introduction

    Hello everyone! About 99.99% of you have no idea who I am!

    Well, that is fine with me. Anyhow, I recently posted a thread because I wanted to get started in Surveyor and start building my own routes. Well, I was stupid enough not to see the thread at the top of the list. I started to look at the tips and I have to say they have some good tips there!

    After a while, I decided that I should post this blog so I can share my Surveyor experiences with everyone! I will definitely ...
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  4. Transferring Trainz "downloaded content from 1 computer to another"

    I just purchased an online pass to try and download content for trainz 2004, However my PC does not have any internet so I have been doing all the downloads on my wireless laptop, I have trainz 2004 downloaded on both my laptop and computer but I am wondering can I move the downloaded content from my laptop to my computer? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  5. content creating

    Rant of the day: some on the forums these days don't really know how much it takes to learn about creating for the simulation. I myself have tried to learn how to even do a simple box. With all the helpful information about it and I still can't get it to go right. So with me asking for help in exporting a model from sketch8 and getting flak for it is just childish to the ones that are responding to the requests to build it or help build it the rest of the way. I really don't care if this is not ...

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