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  1. Jon's Commentary: Some content cracks me up.

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    Is is very interesting to sit in front of the CM and browse through the whole sea of assets and note the author's handle and the asset's name. Some of it even seems humorous...

    Here are a few examples of content names:

    -John Deere Traktor (spelled with a K)
    -Semi-Truck w Refridgerated Trailer (note the D in "refrigerated", would be easier to spell REEFER)
    -Soil Cracked 1 (what the devil does CRACKED mean?)
    -Soil Cracked 2
    - Stacja transformatorowa
  2. Trainz Premium Routes

  3. Logging railroads of America

    If you haven't heard I am making a large logging railroad in narrow gauge. It will have tracks that are not ment for rod locomotives. (Unless it's a rugged 2-6-6-2 logging locomotive). It will have a bridge over a small valley and a rail line next to a Cliff! This rail line will be complete in a while, but it will be worth the wait. The first photos of the project will be posted on Trainz gallery soon today.
  4. MODIFYING a purchased TANE session

    Is there any way at all of taking one of the sessions which came with the TANE download and making a modify-able copy of my own, to work with and do what I want? One could do that under the old Trainz system.
  5. Trainz Premium Routes

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