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  1. LBSCR South London Overhead Emu Motor Brakes

    Hi all well after a major struggle that has been ongoing for two weeks Jay and I have now managed to get the South London units working in TRS2004-TRS2006.
    After much head banging against the wall and hair pulling out I have today just uploaded the units to TPR.
    So what did go wrong well originally there were three units but no matter what I tried I could not get the none drive unit to show up or work .
    I ended up cloning the one motor brake that was working and removed the driver ...
  2. Help with Thomas and Friends Downloads.

    Hey everyone on here. I need help getting Thomas and Friends downloaded to my 2009 & 2010 Trainz Simulator. All the ones I find including si3d have missing dependencies. Can anyone help?
  3. TANE not saving new routes deleting all work......

    After working on a new layout for 3 days and with it all working well, TANE suddenly refused to save alterations, then deleted all my work. NOT IMPRESSED>>>>
  4. JointedRail stuff [screenshots/renders]

  5. Trainz Premium Routes

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