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  1. Paint Shed in TRS2006

    With advice in forum, I have now downloaded paint shed into TRS2006 bin [C:\Program Files(x86)\Auran\TRS2006\bin], using alternately the paint shed on the web and the paint shed that came with TRS2004 (build 2365). My TRS2006 build is 3092. The result is the same in that the paint shed cars show in TRS2006 C:\ drive but do not appear in Surveyor mode. Any ideas?
  2. Happy Easter Holidays !

  3. Paint Shed in TRS2006

    PAINT SHED at C:\Program Files(x86)\Auran\TRS2006\bin\TRS2006 will not open. It produces a error message about language that halts the progress. Any ideas?
  4. New Route!!! The BNSF Trail. By Korbin

    Alright so I've started this Route about 2 months ago, I didn't even try to make it a big deal i just tried to make a little route for testing new trains or train cars that i download. Well i started making the route more and more creative and i decided that I'm gonna put this on the Download Station once its finished. Now i don't know how long it will be before i put it on. Just depends on when it will get finished. But this Route is gonna have almost everything!! Coal Runs, Passenger Trains Running ...
  5. Content Manager & TANE: The wiser you do the wittier you type

    Quote Originally Posted by zatovisualworks View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by andi06 View Post
    I have a radical suggestion to make concerning the lowest lod levels. This takes the form of a standardised 14 poly mesh which we can all use for objects viewed at extreme distances and which should keep the guys at Auran more than happy with resources used.

    I hear two objections:
    1. It doesn't look anything like my asset.
    2. Why 14 polys?

    Well this is the clever bit, the mesh uses 10 polys to make a box, the other 4 are used to hide it from view. They contain
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