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  1. Horn downloads

    I just updated my trainz to the latest build and now I cant install horns properly it says I have missing assets can some one hep me?
  2. Post Websites Here!

    Post your website links here. Mine is thejonastrainz.jimdo.com
  3. The London Alexandria Line


    Hello, I'm Android9000, but better known as Nadir. Recently, I've started the creation of a whole new route called The Alexandria Line. It's based off of the London Underground Victoria Line and has 14 stations (6 of which are underground). I will try to release some pictures tomorrow.


    The pictures as promised.

    The Stations:

    Nixon Street - http://i48.photobucket.com/albums/f2...ps1ea78f25.jpg ...

    Updated Yesterday at 05:05 PM by NadirSaunders

  4. Missing bogies for sd90

    Quote Originally Posted by NSWGR_46Class View Post
    Well it seems the bogie is installed but it is chucking up errors because its now missing a kuid as well
    Unknown Location: <kuid2:45324:50038:1>
    this is a shocking night mare
  5. Content Manager issues.

    Hello. I have recently been experiencing various issues with Content Manager. The problem is, when I go onto Download Station (DLS) and then I look for what I want then I click 'Download in Content Manager' and Content Manager v3.5 opens and displays my download in the top left hand side. Here is where the issue is... I then click start and of course the download starts and all is normal for now, but, after a while, the Download will randomly stop and on 'Current Speed', it will drop to 0.00Bps, ...

    Updated November 8th, 2014 at 05:21 PM by trainguy01

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