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  1. The Full Bucketneirs!!

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    Hello Everyone,

    My friend and I are finally starting the reboot of the Full Bucketneirs!! I need people to help in doing voices for our Series. In fact, here's the list of names for characters. We need voices for Sarge, Lewis and Melissa for our first episode of the series.

    Luke: GS-4 #4446 Logan Thurman
    Logan: AT&SF 2926 4-8-4 Logan Thurman
    Ootz: UP Bigboy #4002 Logan Thurman
    Melissa: GS-4 #4453 (Available)
    Jimmy: SP P-10 #2467 USSc1798
  2. Is there any plans to introduce new content

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    I hope they add Maersk trains aswell
    maersk train what is that?
  3. we need more metra locos on the download station

    we need more metra locos on the dls maybe saxrt can upload the metra locos they took down i would like it ok so if there is any kind soul out there please make a metra f40ph-m and metra cars and cab cars

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  4. Route Romania

  5. ModelTrainz

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    i did some exercises in making layouts... i learned a lot by changing the beautiful industry-scapes by philskene..
    i used his deepwater, federal street, trinIty bay, port lol(eta) and others to create a static background with animated industry and shunting iatrains on dualmonitor for my realtime h0-modeltrack
    still learning ... still enjoying ...

    first ts12 with some dutch stuff from amazing mike:

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