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  1. CSTW: Review Blog - Oct. 18th

    Hello, all. Chris here.

    This week i will be reviewing the Nickel Plate Road and Pere Marquette Berkshire DLC from Ocemy. It models the Nickel Plate Road S-2 class and the Pere Marquette N-1 class Berkshires, plus an NKP 400-series bay-window caboose and 40ft boxcar.

    The Nickel Plate's claim to fame came as their "High Speed Service" namesake. However, the NKP needed a fast yet powerful engine to run the revenue freight service. So they placed their money on ...
  2. TS12 red bug and multiple industry fault

    Quote Originally Posted by Christo32b View Post
    Yes Shane I did but they all good. Once I deleted all installed commodities the fault is gone. Definitely between 2.9 and 3.7
    Hooray a sorted out had some missing dependencies in commodities that I re installed, now I know to fix this problem.

    Thanks Shane for help.
  3. Kawasaki M8 in the works

    Quote Originally Posted by malikrthr View Post
    TOBY1921: The link is not broken. I just downloaded it. Download the M8 from the link using Internet Explorer.
    I download it and it keeps sending me to Trainz UTC how do I do this
  4. DONNER PASS is .."up"

    If my memory is correct, I returned to their site from the PayPal receipt page and there was a receipt there AND a download link.

    No e-mail with a link.

  5. CSTW: Review Blog - Oct. 11th

    Hello, everyone. Chris here.

    Well, this week i will be doing another route review, this time on the Marias Pass Route Version X by Josef Pav and Lothar Hake.

    Another route from MSTS, this one special to me. Whenever i played with my uncle, we'd always choose this route. We'd select a 30-car freight and drive from Essex to Whitefish, or Cutbank to Shelby, so seeing it in Trainz gave me the biggest case of nostalgia EVER. Every time my uncle visited after that, we'd run ...
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