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  1. TANE:CE Hangs up

    I installed without any problem TANE:CE Build 70957. When I start a session, my computer hangs up on a white screen. What is going wrong? Somebody has an idea?
  2. Realistic Mode (Cab control?) selection

    T:ANE CE edition installed (with some effort). Except for the realistic tutorial, I can only get DCC control on sessions. Any way to change that?
  3. Does TANE work on 32 bit Windows 7 as the set-up launcher says it cannot use it

    Quote Originally Posted by Barponetwo View Post
    I have gone through download twice and second time successful. Then when I launch I get a message that says it cannot handle the type of machine which is 32 bit Windows 7 in this case. Plenty of disc space and good graphics card. You have not abandoned us long-time supporters for all the gizmos and whistles such as Train Simulator seems to have done. Converting to 64 bit ie going to Windows 8 is a real pain for a busy PC user with an ok machine. Barp
    The error message says that ...
  4. AMTZ: A Rebranding. Part 3: The website

    This is part 3 of my ongoing blog series outlining the rebranding process at AMTZ. You can read part 2 here and part 1 here.

    Probably the most time consuming part of this project (and it's still on-going) is the rebuild of the website. The whole rebranding stemmed from the website rebuild I embarked upon. Which started as a project for a web coding class I was taking. The class project was to ...

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  5. Zeldaboy14 Production Works - 1 Year later.

    Last Year in December, I created Zeldaboy14 Works, and most of my content from that point had my logo on it. My first model, Faceless Lady, was a pretty basic model, and took some time to figure out how to make work. Over the time I worked on Faceless Lady, I came up with ideas for a new division name, and Zeldaboy14 Works became Zeldaboy14 Production Works (or ZPW) as I thought it sounded better. Within February, I decided to to use my original mesh that I had used as a starting basis to build ...
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