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  1. Creating Custom Avatars

    Hi all
    Recently I set my avatar picture as a Pacific National 81 Class (NSW) and I was slightly sad/annoyed that there were no other locomotive choices that I Liked. The kind of thing I was really looking for was something such as the NSWGR 48, 45, 46 or 44 Class locomotives.
    So I thought it would be a grand idea if people could make their own avatars and upload them to the list of available avatars (obviously have them checked by server staff for any NSFW items). I've been working ...
  2. FDL Fond Du Lac Branch Complete!

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    G'day Bob, I have <kuid2:373500:100006:1> FDL Fond du Lac installed Plus all sessions. I will do some testing in the next couple of days.
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  3. Current reskins/projects i'm working on

    Hey all,

    this is my first blog post, so I thought I might take the time to say what projects/reskins I'm currently working on in no particular order. Status of each is listed beside the project.

    Tuskeege 101 (Not yet started)
    Metra F7 (Rough Reskin done, now reviewing original work to determine what needs to be done to make the reskin authentic)
    South Shore Line Pullman/steel MU coach (basic Reskin done, now looking into making improvements before ...
  4. Hi, I'm Ethan

    Hello, my name is Ethan, and my username is Ethan2003. The "Ethan" Stands for my name, and "2003" Is the year I was born. I'm new to posting now, even though I registered back in 2014. But I was doing just trainz stuff. Leave a message if you want!

  5. Invisible bogeys

    [QUOTE=robd;1549300...I also note that it's not 'bogey' ( I don't play golf or pick my nose! ) but 'bogie' as yourself and edh6 have written



    I suspect that Greg got his golf and railways confused when they originally created Trainz.
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