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  1. How do I take a screenshot?

    I accidentally took some screenshots of my railroad. Great option. What is the procedure for taking a screenshot????
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    Trainz Simulator 12
  2. Early adopters of T:ANE promised 6 months FCT.

    Early adopters of T:ANE were promised 6 months FCT. I was and I had the beta and now have the release version (for Mac) but how on earth do I get the 6 months free FCT? The Mac digital version has no serial number. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Sometimes dreams come true

    I was reading through a thread in the forums that started with "I had a dream about trainz" and many of the posters had a dream similar to "...that the trainz database would not corrupt itself..."

    I had posted some years ago a workaround so that this would not happen. Obviously its time for a re-posting. I have tested this on everything up to widows 7 but nothing newer then that. Take a look at this vbs script.

    Option Explicit 
    'On Error
    Trainz Simulator 12
  4. Geneva Sub Update.

    IT'S ALMOST DONE!!!!!!! Just got some more scenery work to and to extend the BNSF line to OREGON, IL
  5. Responses to Tech Support Tickets

    Could someone please tell me what I need to do to get a reply from Tech Support? I've submitted two requests for help since the end of May 2015 and although both received "Do Not Reply" acknowledgements, that's the last I've heard from anyone. Not really impressed so far.
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