1. I'm confused, and sorry.

    I started that thread in trainz community to clear things up so people wouldn't hate me for something I hadn't done and knew nothing about (asking about the release).
    I didn't realize that the community would object to it that badly. I wasn't intended to be a discussion about the content, it was intended to be a mere clarification. I am confused as to why people flamed me about it.
    'Tis all.

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  2. Boyerm's Blog That Lets Me Post Screenshots To The Forums

  3. I know this probably goes against the coc...

    BUT I really need to get it out. I know this thread has been deleted, but does posting a thread that says you won't be on as much, you are going back to school, and wish you could trainz more a reason to get flamed? NO! I feel like people are hating just for the sake of hating. And for the rumors circulating around that I'm, well, young compared to most of you, yes I am going into grade 6. But I fell really bad about A: Posting my thread now that I realize people don't like it, and b: people flaming ...

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  4. Monroe Sub - UPDATE

  5. Monroe Subdivision

    I will post screenshots of my routes here. More to come.
    Screen shot 2012-08-18 at 7.24.55 PM.jpg