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  1. Happy Easter Holidays !

  2. Paint Shed in TRS2006

    PAINT SHED at C:\Program Files(x86)\Auran\TRS2006\bin\TRS2006 will not open. It produces a error message about language that halts the progress. Any ideas?
  3. New Route!!! The BNSF Trail. By Korbin

    Alright so I've started this Route about 2 months ago, I didn't even try to make it a big deal i just tried to make a little route for testing new trains or train cars that i download. Well i started making the route more and more creative and i decided that I'm gonna put this on the Download Station once its finished. Now i don't know how long it will be before i put it on. Just depends on when it will get finished. But this Route is gonna have almost everything!! Coal Runs, Passenger Trains Running ...
  4. Content Manager & TANE: The wiser you do the wittier you type

    Quote Originally Posted by zatovisualworks View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by andi06 View Post
    I have a radical suggestion to make concerning the lowest lod levels. This takes the form of a standardised 14 poly mesh which we can all use for objects viewed at extreme distances and which should keep the guys at Auran more than happy with resources used.

    I hear two objections:
    1. It doesn't look anything like my asset.
    2. Why 14 polys?

    Well this is the clever bit, the mesh uses 10 polys to make a box, the other 4 are used to hide it from view. They contain
  5. RDC Photo Trip #1

    Well, I just got back from the first of my two RDC photo-taking quests. I visited the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania in Strasburg where I met the former Lehigh Valley RDC-1 #40 built in 1951. It was after hours when I got the photo below zoomed-in and through the fence. When the museum opened the next day, it was raining (as it seems it always is when I visit there) and my photos are more conducive to model textures but a tad gloomy and dark.


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