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  1. Hccrrs is coming

    Welcome to my blog. You will get some behind the scens impressions and you will be updated to my latest projects for Simulator Central featuring T:ANE.

    Attached the next car transport wagon: Hccrrs is coming with different weathering conditions and also selectable graffiti.

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    Of course we have custom sounds as usual. Shipping will be start mid to end of july. Two sessions for the free "Niddertalbahn" ...

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  2. Galaxy Railways Big 1

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    It took some time, but I was finally able to reskin the in game Big Boy. This model has Big 1's actual whistle.
    Trainz Simulator 12
  3. Union Pacific Steam

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    Im in search of these three gems of the railroading world they are: UP FEF 844 Northern, UP 3985 Challenger and UP 4014 Bigboy.
    The FEF and Late Challenger were, at one time, available through ANL at RRMods, and at through rudolf3910's at TrainzItalia. Unfortunately, both downloads have yet to return (if me memory serves me correct).

    Also, didn't someone make a reskin of the default Big Boy as #4014 and post it here? I can't remember who it was, though...
  4. Photos of Bug

    Here is the photo of the bug. The Y6, something glitched on the drive gear but I could not get close enough to see what it was because it would disappear when I would try to get close.

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  5. Bouncy track woes (and a fight with this blog)

    Decided to work on track today, smoothing things out starting at the East end of the route. One thing I hate is watching a train jump into the air like a virgin being goosed for the first time. The first part of the track is a long 2000 foot section, it had several splines in it which were not needed so they were an easy delete, well sort of. A couple of them snuck onto the PORTAL layer from the VECTOR layer which holds all the track, so it took a couple of ? clicks to move the spline to the ...

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