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  1. Help requested!

    I'm in desperate need of help.

    So I'm creating the Tweetsie Railroad Ghost Train and Yukon Queen in Trainz, right? The guy who made the original Tweetsie #12 in Trainz congratulated me on my work. There's only one problem: The engines need to be 2-8-2s. For some reason, every trailing bogey I try either is a different rail size or ends up far out of place. I think the C-41 Pilot Bogey would work best, but it ends up in the middle of the piston rods because of the direction the mesh ...
  2. Trainz will not download using my Steam account on a Mac

    I can download Trainz on my PC but not my Mac. The Steam forum is full of Mac users saying the same thing.
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  3. Bogey problem....please help

    Hello guys,

    I have a problem. The side frames on the bogeys of some of my rolling stock disappear. Now it only looks like the wheels are showing. Can someone help me solve this problem?


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    Trainz Simulator 12
  4. Subways, Underground, Tram or anything else Urban shots!

    Nice work - love the spiral curves

  5. Collector post for off-topic posts to: Can you guess the next key feature for Trainz?

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    What about getting the TANE to work nicely on a 64 bit laptop?
    Most computers nowadays are showing that laptops are becoming more popular than the home towers now.
    However, laptops still struggle with high graphics programs.

    I was actually amazed to find that it works on my ACER S7 ultrabook with a "bog standard" Intel Graphics system! (admittedly with most of the sliders at or close to minimum - but it works).

    This is great for using T:ANE ...

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