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  1. Can I run 2009 world builder and Special edition together


    I saw a copy of trainz Special edition on a sale for less than $5, so I bought it. I have since read bad reviews on it on Amazon, so now I am wondering whether to install it to run together with my 2009 world builder or not. Is it worth installing and will it run seamlessly, easily and integrated into the world build edition?
  2. cant see cursor pointer in surveyor when mouse is staionary

    I am new to trainz, and have noticed that when in surveyor mode I have difficulty selecting the main menu button in the top left hand side, as the mouse cursor position seems to only be sort of present when I move the mouse. I am not sure if it has always been like this or maybe I have just noticed this, or maybe I have to reinstall trainz. I am loath to reinstall as I am not sure how to do that without losing the routes that I have made. (I think if I copy the directory local onto a spare location ...
  3. looking for thunderbirds and trainz modelers

    i have been wanting the new Thunderbirds in Trainz 12 for awhile now so if you like and what i said please PM me
    Trainz Simulator 12
  4. "T:ANE - not buying it", said he nšively

    Quote Originally Posted by zatovisualworks View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by nathanmallard View Post
    T:ANE - not buying it
    C'mon, Nathan.

    • Very few of us were buying UTC. Trainz 1 and 1.X were a blessing to H0 and N layout sufferers who missed more virtual space and reality. We didn't need more. But UTC did it.
    • Scepticism and some kind of jopking arose from us when first TRS2004 was announced. But TRs2004 was a hit, a complete success and the beginning
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  5. Trainz Premium Routes

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