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  1. WiP Velaro D / TR

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    The Velaro is not just our first step into the international railway technologie, but also our biggest project by now. Countless hours of work we already have invested to make sure, that this finally will be our our most detailed rail vehicle so far. Not less than three elaborately designed passenger views (1st class, 2nd class and restaurant) are waiting to be discovered. Besides the Velaro D (BR 407), ...
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  2. WiP: DB Class 189 Electric

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    Finally the wait has come to an end: We proudly present the first of our own engines - the DB Class 189.

    Trains: A New Era!
    By early 2017th the waiting will come to an end - the 189 series will be released for T: ANE. In addition we will introduce an innovative modular train security system for Trainz featuring all required systems needed by the engine. ...
  3. Crossing sounds not playing properly?

  4. Yup.

  5. Wherea the kuid

    i downloaded the henry from the sudrian commuity there is ONLY one kuid here is Dependency <kuid:311512:6002>
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