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  1. Posting from the Office

    But I cant see screenshots. How am I supposed to properly waste time at work now? lul
  2. corona error

    im trying to make an ATLS pedestrian traffic signal, that has a timer, a red hand and white walking man. the "HandRed" corona says "error,
    "timercorona1","timercorona2","timercorona3" has timer conflict with asset kuid "<kuid2:84919:100354>" at delay node 1,2,3.
    can somebody tell me why after "4", the timer numbers"1,2, and 3 dont respond to the delay node?
    thx, jason
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  3. When will the QJ 2-10-2 DLC release?

    Quote Originally Posted by oknotsen View Post
    I hope his new announced content not available means he is busy making his D38's available for TANE as those pieces of payware are also still not in TANE.
    I agree with you

  4. Anyone Interested in working on the N&W J Class, let me know! I may be able to help!

    Hello to anyone wanting to create content of the J class 611. I am located in the same area of it and have real audio of the Deep Mono-tone whistle and the running noises from my video. If you want to have access please message me and I will get back. ,Weatherboy518
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  5. Screenshots of European Trains

    Quote Originally Posted by samplaire View Post
    If you are interested in helping me, please follow the link: https://soundcloud.com/wojtek-cho-a-ci-ski/metal-and-metal and if you like the tune (and you are a registered soundcloud user) give it a 'like'. Thank you!

    I hope I don't break the forum rules.

    Liked Always glad to help a great contributor as you !
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