View Full Version : Problems With The Trainz 2 Pack: 2010 Wont Install,2009 Wont Run

November 17th, 2013, 09:56 AM
Ok So I Bought A Package Called Trainz Simulator 2 Pack, But When I Got Home It Didnt Run Right, The Discs Are Bran New And The Package Was Sealed

Here's My System(I Know It Doesnt Meet The 2010 Minnimum, But It Should At-Least Install, And Get 10 Or So FPS)

Modified Compaq SR2020NX(Several Parts Upgraded)

MotherBoard - ASUS A8M2N-LA(Naos)
Proccesor - AMD Athlon 64 2.2GHZ Single Core'
Graphics - GALAXY NVIDIA GeForce GT 520 1GB Via 64-Bit PCI-E 1.0
Sound - Creative Labs SoundBlaster X-Fi Go! Pro USB
Memory - 2GB(2x1GB) DDR2 RAM At 233/333MHZ Respectivly
Storage - 160GB Hitachi 7200RPM HDD(20GB Free)
OS - Windows XP Media-Center Edition Service Pack 2
CD Drives - 2 DVD-RW Dual-Layer Capable Drives

Note: I Cannot Under Any Circumstances Update To Service Pack 3, This PC Crashed 2 Years Ago And The Windows Install That Was Backed
Up Apperently Cannot Be Updated To SP3 Without A Blue Screen Requiring Me To Wipe The HDD(Which Is Not An Option).

So Heres The Deal With 2009

Install - OK

Heres What Happens When I Run It -

Processes Launcher And TADDaemon Start
Mouse Switches To Loading Icon For 2-3 Seconds
Mouse Switches Back
TADDaemon Takes 100 Percent CPU Time But Hovers Between 10MB And 11MB Memory Usage Indicating It Isnt Loading
Never Exceeds 11MB Memory Usage After Waiting For 30 Minutes

So Heres What Happens With 2010(This Is VERY Strange)

Install Error - 5.JA Source File Is Corrupted

The Source File Is On A Bran New CD, That Was Bought At Walmart With The Seal Intact. Which Concerns Me
That The Manufacturer Of The CD's May Be Unaware Of A Bad Manufacturing Batch Or Some CD's Are Bad. I Let It Retry For 2 Hours
With No Success. The Disc Was Scratch And Debris Clear.

My Second Theory Was The These Discs Are Dual Layer And It May be Occuring During The layer Shift.
By Copying All Bins To HDD Ive Determined The Install Bin To Be setup-1b.bin . It Freezes Copying To HDD(Via Windows Explorer)
Im Not 100 Percent Sure if Thats The Exact Name. Im Working From My Own Memory

On 1 Of My 2 Drives I Could See The Files In The Root Folder But Going Into Either of The Individual game Folders In Explorer Showed No Files
And Folder Propertys Showed 0 Bytes. The Other Drive Succesfully Showed The Files But One Was Corrupted.

Heres The Drive Models


Im Not Sure Which Worked because I Cant Identify There Drive Letters
Im Pretty Sure The TSSTcorp Drive Was The One That Could Atleast See The

Im Aware Even if I Get 2010 Installed My Systems CPU Is Far Below A 3.4GHZ Pentium D Hyperthreading CPU
And That It Will Be Next To Un-Playable But I REALLY Want To Get It Installed.

Any Help Is Appreciated And Upgrades Are Not Possible

November 17th, 2013, 10:32 AM
Welcome to the forums.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I can tell you straight away that you will have problems (including potential blue screen of death errors) even if you do get your TS2010 to install, due to the aforementioned SP3, so I'd suggest finding out what caused the blue screen in the first place. TS2009 may also be affected by that as well, as it is clearly stated in the minimum requirements that SP3 is required for Windows XP.

Also, the processor is not fast enough to run Trainz well.

Also, regarding the issue with your TS2010 disc, there is a known issue involving certain discs, which you will need to contact Helpdesk in order to sort out.